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Portrush, Co. Antrim

Year: 2019

Location: Portrush, Co. Antrim

Specifics: Open-fronted Theatre Kitchen 


The idea for Basalt began around March of 2019 and had an ambitious schedule of design and build in time for Portrush to host the 2019 Open Golf Tournament, and we love a challenge. 

Part of the Ramore group of restaurants, owned and operated by the McAlpin family, Basalt sits on the top tier of the main complex of restaurants which includes the Tourist, Wine Bar and The Mermaid. The design brief for Basalt was to have an open-plan, bar-style kitchen where customers can sit and watch the chef team cooking a small-plate style tapas and fresh fish menu while enjoying some great drinks. With that in mind, the cooking equipment had to suite together perfectly, and last the test of time...where else to start than Charvet? 

The cookline and canopy wraps around 2 walls in an "L" shape, with sections for meat, fish, fries and dessert all cooked on a Charvet Pro 900 series gas wall suite. Opposite the cookline there is an abundance of service refrigeration from Williams with a variety of door and drawer combinations all remotely chilled from the plant area on the roof. The drawer combinations allow for the sections to remain organised as well as keeping a close eye on stock. 

Basalt is also equipped with 2 beautiful bar areas, one used mainly for dispense, which include our custom fabricated cocktail and mixing stations, as well as glass washing by Winterhlater, and remote chilled coolers by Gamko.

Being at the top of a 4 storey building, the main challenge with Basalt was slowly lifting all of the equipment into place from GF level, which took some time, but as the pictures show and the food tells was all worth it.

Contract Manager- Paul Simpson

Architects- O'Donnell O'Neill (Gordon Devenny) 

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