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Year: 2016

Location: Belfast

Specifics: Catering venue for 3000 delegates


Galgorm Group had the opportunity to complete the installation of this venue in 2016 for the Belfast City Council. Specific challenges of this project was the installation of the cold rooms and blast chillers which had to be recessed into the finished floor. This involved precision marking out to allow the builder to pre-insulate the floor before the cold room installation to prevent condensation forming on the floor below.


This installation also includes a large dish, glass and utensil washing area which extraction could not reach. The solution to this was to fit all of the Winterhalter machines with their advanced Climate + energy saving heat pumps. These heat pumps not only negate the need for extraction to the room, but also save on running costs of the machine as they use the condensation to heat the incoming cold water supply. To add to the features and benefits, the Climate + energy saving heat pumps also cool down the surrounding washroom area.

Contract Manager- Gary McMullan

Foodservice Consultants: Tricon

Main Contractor- McLaughlin & Harvey

Architects- McAdam Design

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