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COVID 19- Temp. Closure Procedures

In response to the local executive closing all areas of the hospitality sector that do not provide a take-away service, we have information below for some equipment to enable you to shut-down correctly and avoid any unnecessary service calls upon re-opening. These procedures are based mainly around items that are connected to a water supply and should avoid the build up of scale, and any other bacterial problems a lingering water supply may cause. 
If you are concerned about any of your equipment and it is not shown below, please get in touch for advice and we will be happy to assist. 
Rational Comination Ovens

Click on the PDF document below for the temporary shut-down instructions for you Rational combi oven, and click on the link to watch a step-by step video of the boiler emptying process. Please ensure the water supply is isolated before carrying out the steps in the video. 

SCC Boiler Empty

ICC Boiler Empty

Glass & Dishwashers

Click on the PDF document below  for the temporary shut-down instructions for all types of warewashing and glasswashing equipment from Winterhlater & Classeq.


IMPORTANT- if you have a unit with reverse osmosis you MUST NOT disconnect this machine from the electric supply. You can put this machine on standby, but do not isolate from services as this will prevent the membrane flush during the night, and cause it to dry out. 

Hot Beverage Equipment

Click on the link below for the temporary shut down instructions for different types of hot beverage equipment including coffee machines, grinders, water boilers & filters.

Manitowoc Modular Machines

Click on the link below for the temporary shut down instructions to follow for Manitowoc modular ice machines. A general clean, sanitize and services isolation based on these steps will work for various other machines. Details of these steps will be held in your instruction manuals. Please get in touch if you need a specific product manual.

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